DM Abu Bakar Siddique

DM Abu Bakar Siddique

Head of Business Development
G-Tech Solution Ltd

Mr. DM Abu Bakar Siddique As a graduate from the University of Greenwich, UK, Abu Bakar Siddique did not have to search hash and low for a job. Bombarded with jobs like that of the RAF (Royal Air Force) as their Artillery Technician and Grange Construction as their Design Engineer, Mr. Siddique decided to take a more meaningful approach to life and came back to the country having left seven years prior for higher education. He took that education and applied it to Empower Renewable Energy Sector in Bangladesh here at G-Tech Solution Ltd.


He is the Head of Business Development at G-Tech Solution Ltd. and with more than 12 years of experience in Infrastructure development projects in roads and highways, civil projects, power plant and renewable energy projects in Bangladesh, He is an expert in transforming strategic plans in to tactical initiatives for various projects and programs. He is a motivator and coach combining business acumen and analytical depth to align operational efficiencies and corporate goals. It began with a vision: to provide “energy security” to each and every Bangladeshi home, industry and workplace as well as roads and highways; so that the country can move forward in all its glory. . He is resourceful and experienced businessman and a known face as one of the leading entrepreneur and business personality of the country. He is the pioneer of “Solar and Renewable Energy” in Bangladesh and also has the determination to continue his effort to contribute more in progress and development context for Bangladesh respectively.


Mr. Siddique also worked for Texcel Technologies, UK as an R&D engineer, where he provided his engineering expertise to companies like NASA, SKY, THOMPSON and TOSHIBA. During his professional career at the company, he worked with the latest cutting edge technologies and software’s like MATLAB, PROTEUS, E-CAD, JAVA, etc.


  • Spectra 35 MW Solar Park, Manikganj (Country’s second largest project in the IPP sector and the project reached COD in July 2019)
  • Sympa Solar Power Ltd. 8 MW(AC),Ponchogar (Country’s one of the large project in the IPP sector and the project reached COD in July 2019)
  • 5 MWp Bashundhara Industrial Complex Rooftop (
  • Connectia 218 kWp Solar Minigrid
  • Blue Marine 250 kWp Minigrid Project (A well designed Minigrid for the island St. Martin, Technaf, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh)
  • UDDIPAN 210 kWp Minigrid Project, Sirajganj
  • UDDIPAN 156 kWp Minigrid Project, Faridpur
  • Brit Bangla Trade Initiatives 250 kWp Minigird Project, Gaibandha
  • EASTEC 250 kWp Minigrid Project, Chapai Nawabganj
  • UEL Irrigation System (32 Nos), Nationwide
  • Various Opex PV Rooftop Power Plant, Nationwide
  • Vincen Gtech Ltd 250 KW Solar Mini Grid, Jamalpur
  • Parasol Energy 210 kWp Solar Minigrid Project: March 2016 – November 2016 (Implementation of power system and construction)
  • Soalr Minigrid Project: November 2013, Rajshahi (141 kWp Solar Minigrid financed by IDCOL and Supported by WB, ADB, GO)

An example of Details of Scope of Work for Completed IPP Project by DM Abu Bakar Siddique:



Name of Company


Scope Of Work




Spectra Solar Power Plant

35 MWp AC/ 45 MWp DC

·         Solar Panel Installation

·         MMS Structure Installation

·         Inverter Installation

·         Fabricated Structure Supply & Installation for Inverter

·         PV Cable Laying &Termination

·         DC Cable Laying & Termination

AC Cable Laying & Termination

·         Pipe Line Supply & Installation

·         Grounding Bar Supply & Installation

·         PV Grounding Cable Supply & Installation

·         PV Field, Inverter Area, Booster Station Area Total Lighting System Supply & Installation

·         Transformer Installation

·         33KV GIS Installation

·         Cable Tray Supply & Installation

·         Pre-Fabricated Cable Tray Mounting Structure Supply & Installation

·         Set Combiner Box Installation

·         Internal Drainage Construction

·         Storage & Unloading of Containers

·         Earth Excavation & Backfilling

·         Module Cleaning System Supply & Installation

·         Set Grounding Pipe Supply & Installation

·         Concrete Work

·         Ton Reinforcement Work

·         Cable Trench Construction

Manikgonj, Dhaka